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Reyooz Makes Circular Simple

Reyooz helps you save money and carbon by digitising your furniture, fixtures and equipment. We do all the hard work to sell, donate, reuse and redistribute it. You get amazing results.

Step 01

Create photo inventories

A member of the Reyooz team will visit your office and make a free photographic inventory of everything you are getting rid of.

From furniture to fixtures and fittings, office equipment to floor tiles. Every item is uniquely tagged so it can be tracked.

Step 02

Reyooz AI gets to work

Photo recognition, carbon, manufacturer, brand, weight, dimensions, RRP, second hand retail prices, material composition, product data sheets…

Step 03

Publish to the marketplace

Share your inventory across your own organisation and empower your staff and colleagues to source surplus.

Sell directly on the Reyooz marketplace. Just a click puts it in front of over 50,000 schools, charities, small businesses and professionals.

Secure pre-orders at the best prices. Enable charities and schools to reserve donated goods.

Step 04

Prepare and package

Before anything moves Reyooz teams prepare and package for the move. Orders are fulfilled and made ready for removals teams to collect.

Shipments are labelled and tagged for tracking and logistics.

Step 05

Removals and logistics

Removals teams are booked to clear everything from the site.

RAMS and all details required by building security are handled by Reyooz. We’re SafeContractor accredited and teams are fully equipped with 3 point PPE and trained to industry standards.

Step 06

Social impact

Stories and feedback starts to flow in a matter of days.

Good causes but also small enterprises flows in as anecdotes, quotes, testimonials, photos, videos and once we had a song. Case studies and buckets of PR gold.

Step 07

Reporting and ESG

Carbon measured, stories gathered, tracked and traced, output in every formt, add to Net Zero and ESG reporting.

Reyooz reports are living documents that continue to gather supply chain data long after your items have left your building.

Check out this dynamic report for our long term partnerhisp with Microsoft.

Evidence and transparency

Every item is tagged, tracked and traced. Reyooz delivers a 100% evidence based end to end reuse service.

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