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Workplace change doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Buy, sell, repair, refurbish, donate, recycle and reuse surplus furniture, fittings and equipment from offices and workplaces.

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“We can't recycle our way out of this. Reyooz is without doubt a powerful solution for companies that care about cutting carbon emissions and having a positive impact on the world."

UK companies waste over 500 tonnes every day

We started Reyooz to eliminate waste. We work with lots of companies who share our ambition. There is no such thing as waste, only resources in the wrong hands.

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“Staff are excited about what you’re doing. We’re all looking for things around us we can Reyooz, people are talking about where our old furniture has gone. It's a great story.”

Remove. Reuse. Report

Reyooz helps you save money and carbon by finding new homes for your furniture, fittings and equipment. Also known as FF&E.


Reyooz uses technology to build inventories that make it simple to sell, donate, refurbish, recycle and reuse everything - saving you money and carbon.

  • We are an end-to-end, technology-led service for removing furniture.
  • We do it all from planning and shipping to warehousing and resale.
  • We work with companies big and small.
  • We accurately plan and cost up the job
  • We match any serious competitive quote


Most furniture and equipment is sent to landfill and burnt. All furniture and equipment we remove is reused or recycled responsibly.

  • Most office furniture is sent to landfill or burnt to produce energy.
  • All furniture we remove is reused or recycled responsibly.
  • More than 80% is heavily discounted and resold and donated through our marketplace.
  • The rest is properly recycled.
  • Less than 1% is burnt to produce energy.


Our technology first approach means you can get all the data you want any way you want it.

  • It can be hard to know what hapens to your furniture after it's gone.
  • With Reyooz every item we move is tagged, tracked and reported on.
  • We show you exactly where your furniture and equipment goes.
  • Plus we tell you how much embodied carbon you save by reusing and recycling it.

“In over 20 years managing moves I've never seen reuse actually work. This works and everybody feels good about it”.

Environmental and social impact

Reyooz unlocks the environmental, social and governance value of your office furniture and equipment by taking action and recording the data.

“Reyooz has become a trusted service partner at Broadgate. Their initiative, responsiveness and ethos matches ours and delivers a fabulous sustainability offer for our occupiers.”

Social Impact as standard

Charities, schools, small businesses and people depend on Reyooz and have saved millions.

“The sofas have created a new youth zone in our church, creating a sense of ownership in our teens. Selecting, ordering, and delivery were all great, thank you.”

Rev. Jon Somerville
Woodford Baptist Church, London

“Getting furniture this cheap is brilliant. The huge sofa makes such a difference to the space, it's far more welcoming than it was before. Thank you Reyooz.”

Scott Taylor
Forest Recycling Project, Waltham Forest

“We've saved over £100,000 using Reyooz and improved the school in months that would have otherwise taken a decades”

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