Square Top White Canteen Table 80x73x80 just £65

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Square Top White Canteen Table 80x73x80



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  • Just14left

Wooden top chrome base



Carbon: 14.40kg

Dimensions: L80 W80 H73 cm

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Introducing our eco-friendly Square Top White Canteen Table, a pre-owned gem that aligns perfectly with the principles of a circular economy. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this table has been repurposed and reused, contributing to a significant reduction in waste and resource consumption. Designed for versatility and durability, this square-shaped table is the ideal addition to any canteen or communal space. Its sleek white top not only brings a clean and modern aesthetic but also complements a wide range of interior styles. The dimensions (80x73x80) provide ample space to comfortably accommodate multiple individuals, facilitating social connections and fostering a sense of community. By embracing the concept of circular economy, this pre-owned table not only supports sustainable practices but also offers an excellent cost-saving solution for businesses and organizations. Investing in reused furniture allows significant savings without compromising quality or style. Join the movement towards a greener future and make a conscious choice by opting for our Square Top White Canteen Table. With its eco-friendly attributes, ingenuity in reuse, commitment to the circular economy, sustainability, and undeniable cost savings, this table is truly an embodiment of a workable and responsible solution.


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